Historically, each time a product was imported , it was then classified in the Harmonised Tariff (HSCC Tariff ). Now, with the advent of computer databases, once a product is first classified, it more often than not retains that classification on each subsequent importation.

But what happens if that initial classification is wrong ? Perhaps you use more than one forwarder or Customs broker ? Perhaps you use a courier company to clear those urgent shipments ? What happens if each service supplier is giving your products differing Tariff classifications ?

The onus is on you the importer to ensure that your shipments are correctly Customs cleared.

That's where we come in. We will work with your team to ensure that your product range is correctly classified in the HSCC Tariff.

If necessary we will seek written Tariff Opinions from New Zealand Customs to ensure 100% accuracy and peace of mind.

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