Whist many products are now given duty free access into New Zealand, there is still a requirement to ensure correct Tariff classifications and correct use of duty concessions.

One works with the other - it is imperative to have the correct classification BEFORE either claiming an existing duty concession or filing an application for a new concession.

If you are unsure on where you stand in this area, we will review your product to determine the correct classification. Thereafter we will determine whether an existing duty concession already covers your product ( or indeed possible preferential entry based on origin ) , and if necessary file an application for a new concession.

However before a duty concession application can be lodged or indeed an entry prepared, an accurate Tariff classification must known. If deemed necessary we can also lodge a Tariff Opinion on your behalf with full supporting data to determine an " official " New Zealand Customs ruling on the classification.

We can also now lodge an application for a Valuation Ruling should there be any uncertainty or dispute regarding establishing the correct value of your cargo ( For example related parties influencing price ). This will provide you with legal certainty of valuation and is based on methods supplied both by the New Zealand Customs and Excise Act 2018 and the World Trade Organisation’s General Agreement on Tariffs and Trade.

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